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De Eekhoorn

Brynn wardrobe cabinet

BGN 898



Brynn wardrobe from the WOOOD collection is a Dutch manufacturer. The doors both have a vertical black metal handle and are equipped with softclose hinges. The cupboard has as standard a shelf over the width of the cupboard (the shelf height is 37 cm) and is fitted with a hanging section (the shelf height is 150 cm), including a rod. The cabinet is made of solid FSC-certified pine wood with the exception of the shelves, inner walls, bottom and top boards, which are made of chipboard covered with white foil and the back wall is made of white lacquered hardboard.
There is an extra set of shelves of 3 separately available for this cabinet.


Размер: 210x90x60 (H X B X D)

Материал: Pine

Доставка (седмици): 4 - 6

Марка: De Eekhoorn

Цвят: White


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