De Eekhoorn

Giro trolley large

BGN 820



A top item in the collection of BePureHome. Store all the crockery in it, a cabinet for your hobbies, or showcase all your favourite items in a prominent place here... With this cabinet on big wheels you can go in any direction. The combination of materials gives the trolley a tough vintage look. The fixed shelves (41 cm apart) are made of old wood and have been given a grey wax coating, the sides are made of metal and have an open structure. This keeps the room spacious! The trolley is deliberately not completely finished and therefore has a natural look.


Размер: 158,5x94x41 (h x b x d)

Материал: METALL

Доставка (седмици): 4 - 6

Марка: De Eekhoorn

Цвят: silver


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