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Imani sidetable

BGN 830



Friendly side table
Steel with dark grey finish and safety glass top
Equipped with 2 drawers
H 83 x W 120 x D 46 cm

A friendly side table with a cool look, that is the Imani side table from the collection of the Dutch brand WOOOD Exclusive. Imani is made of steel and has a tough dark gray finish. The side table has a glass top and underneath two metal drawers. This provides Imani enough space for various home accessories, but also storage space is no problem.

Imani is equipped with a safety glass top of 6 mm thick with a carrying weight of 8 kilos. The height from the top glass top to the bottom top with the drawers in it is 19 cm. The steel part of the side table equipped with the two drawers is 14 cm high and has a carrying weight of 10 kilos. The height of the two drawers is 13,5 cm, the depth of the inside of the drawer is 44 cm and the width of the inside of the drawer is 36,5 cm. The drawers rest on a metal strip and slide in and out of the side table.

The side table is supplied as a construction kit with clear assembly instructions.


Марка: De Eekhoorn


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