Amaya Day Sofa

Цена за размер 3430 - 8665

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Amaya is a luxurious sofa whose armrests and backrest are also gently filled like we normally do with cushions, to make it extra enjoyable and soft to the touch. An optional specially designed outside arm- and backrest are available in a leather décor. Amaya’s outstanding seat comfort and carefully crafted details place the sofa at the higher end of Furninova’s collection of sofas.

4-Seater 273 x 94 x 82 cm
3-Seater 230 x 94 x 82 cm
2,5-Seater 198 x 94 x 82 cm


Доставка (седмици): 6 - 8

Марка: Furninova

Цвят: Available in variety of colors


Подобни продукти

Sleeve 3-seater

BGN 3982


BGN 1934