De Eekhoorn

Cluster 3-seater sofa

Цена за размер 2508 - 2869

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The 3-seater bank Cluster is from the Dutch brand VTwonen. Cluster 3-seater sofa is covered with a strong velvet fabric consisting of 100% PES with a Martindale of 100,000 or Vegan leather
The frame consists of chipboard, beech and fibreboard.
The seat cushions contain 30 kg/m3 foam, the back cushions contain 30 kg/m3 foam T2130.
Cluster has a seat height of 44 cm, a seat width of 210 cm and a seat depth of 57 cm.
Under the sofa is a floor protector of 2 cm high. The weight of the sofa is 52 kg.
The 3-seater sofa Cluster is available in the colours Anthracite (vegan leather), Rust (velvet) and Green (velvet).


Размер: 80x210x90 (H X B X D)

Марка: De Eekhoorn

Цвят: shine velvet rust, clouded velvet iron, velvet green, leather anthracite


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