The universal colors and the simple form of the Karlstad corner sofa are perfect for small apartments where it will not dominate the space.

The presented model has a sleeping function and a container for bedding. These are important features, especially if the living room also serves as a bedroom or guest room. When choosing a piece of furniture from this angle, it is also important to pay attention to the materials that fill it.

Each project that we create for us is carefully thought out. Aware of the advantages and disadvantages of various filling materials. We decided that the best application would be in the seat:

highly flexible HR foam - a type of antiallergic polyurethane foam with a porous structure and a bubble-like, dense structure. This ensures that the corner fits perfectly to our body and ensures good air circulation. As a result, the block does not accumulate moisture, dust or microorganisms such as bacteria, mites and fungi. (It is a popular component of bedroom bed mattresses)

However, based on:
silicone balls - granules made of thin polyester silicone fibers, which are shaped into balls. Twisted so that air passes through them. They are elastic and fluffy, thanks to which they adapt to the shape of our body, ensuring exceptional comfort of use.

Moving on to the next stage - personalization by choosing the color and upholstery structure of the furniture, remember that by choosing subdued colors, we will warm the interior of our living room, at the same time giving the body a timeless character. Don't worry about it being monotonous. Gray or beige can be easily broken with decorative pillows or a blanket of intense colors, which are currently dominant among trends in interior design. In this way, you will always be able to change the look of your salon without investing a lot of resources.

Arrange a timeless and functional interior with the Karlstad model:
minimalist form
any color and structure of the upholstery fabric
sleep function
container for bedding


Доставка (седмици): 6 - 8

Марка: NordicLine

Цвят: Different colors available


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