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De Eekhoorn


BGN 3465

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Generous display case
Made of metal with antique brass coating
Wooden frames around the glassware
H 187 cm x W 90 cm x D 40 cm

The spacious Kayaz glass cabinet is from the collection of the Dutch brand WOOOD. The Kayaz cabinet is made of metal with an antique brass finish. The two cabinet doors are held in place by magnets on the top and bottom. The interior of the Kayaz cabinet alternates between wide and narrow shelves and six handy drawers.

The cabinet is 187 cm high, 90 cm wide and 40 cm deep. The doors are 154.5 cm high, 43 cm wide and 2 cm thick. The top compartment measures 49x90x38 cm (HxWxD) and has a capacity of 6 KG. The side compartments are 34 cm high, 24 cm wide and 38 cm deep and have a capacity of 3 KG each. The six drawers each measure 15x38x34,5 cm and have a capacity of 3 KG. The legs of the Kayaz cabinet are 38 cm high, 9 cm above the floor there is a crossbar for extra stability.

The Kayaz cabinet is delivered as a kit with a simple assembly instruction. To protect hard floors, place felt glides under the legs. The cabinet is easy to clean with a slightly damp cloth and a clean, dry tea towel.


Размер: 187x90x40 (H X B X D)

Доставка (седмици): 4 - 6

Марка: De Eekhoorn


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