De Eekhoorn

Old school desk

BGN 1289

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Classic, vintage desk
Acacia wood with a brown finish
Equipped with two storage drawers
H 76 x W 116 x D 43 cm

This Old school desk from the collection of the Dutch brand BePureHome is reminiscent of the old school, he is classic and vintage. The Old school desk is made of acacia wood with a brown finish. In the top there are two storage drawers, practical for storing office supplies and papers.

The desk is 76 cm above the ground, the legs have a height of 65 cm. Keep this in mind when purchasing an office chair. The drawers measure H 7.5 x W 55 x D 33.5 cm. The maximum weight of the desk is 90 kg.

For hard floors, place felt glides under the legs. This prevents damage to the floor.


Доставка (седмици): 4 - 6

Марка: De Eekhoorn


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