De Eekhoorn

Rodeo classic sofa 2.5 or 3 seater

Цена за размер 2.5 seat - 2651; 3-seat classic - 3048

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The new Rodeo series from BePureHome is modern, tough and contemporary. This 3-seater sofa is generous, offers plenty of seating space and features a soft velvet fabric. Thanks to its slim frame and loose cushions, the sofa subtly shows off in the living room. The legs are made of black metal. The seat height is 45 cm, the seat depth is 60 cm and the height of the armrests is 68 cm.

The fabric velvet with a velvet look feels soft, is of a heavy quality and suitable for intensive use. The fabric has not been tested for additional treatments and therefore we do not recommend impregnating the sofa. If this is deemed necessary, it is at your own risk and we recommend testing it out in a spot - out of sight.

The Rodeo series consists of this 3-seater sofa, a 2.5-seater sofa, armchair/loveseat, the Rodeo hocker 120x60 and the Rodeo dining chair.


Размер: 2.5 seater - 83x230x88 (H X B X D); 3-seater - 83x275x88 (H X B X D); 3-seater classic - 85x277x86 (H X B X D)

Доставка (седмици): 4 - 6

Марка: De Eekhoorn

Цвят: Many colors available


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