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Swing sliding door cabinet pine matt black

BGN 2394

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Striking, sturdy sliding door wardrobe

Sanded, FSC certified, pine lacquered in matt black

H 200 x W 150 x D 46.5 cm
Convenient; both storage and display space!

The Swing sliding door cabinet is an own production of the Dutch brand WOOOD Exclusive. The Swing sliding door cabinet is made of solid FSC-certified pine wood that has been sanded and finished in the colour matt black. This gives the cabinet a tough character! The cabinet has a sliding door and an open section.

The interior of the left part of the cabinet consists of 5 storage compartments and the right part has 4 storage compartments with two equal drawers. This makes the Swing sliding door cabinet a wonderful storage unit combined with the looks of a beautiful and unique cabinet. The cabinet has a height of 200 cm, a width of 150 cm and a depth of 46.5 cm.

The sliding door cabinet is supplied as a kit and is easy to assemble using the supplied assembly instruction.


Доставка (седмици): 4 - 6

Марка: De Eekhoorn


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